You don't know Mexico in your heart until you know Mezcal in your soul

Before You Start

Before you roll up your sleeves and start mixing, one word of advice: always use fresh ingredients when you can. Fresh juices, in particular, make all the difference between mundane and marvelous when it comes to cocktails.

The Classic

Viosa Mezcalita

What's a Viosa Mezcalita you ask?
She’s fun like a margarita, but more mysterious. The Viosa Mezcalita is the go-to cocktail for many blanco mezcal drinkers. While you can add any number of other flavors to it in the form of fresh fruit or purees. A Mezcalita always hits the spot.

Ingredients & Instructions.

(4 ounces Viosa Blanco Mezcal)
(1 ½ oz Cointreau)
(1 ½ oz freshly squeezed lime juice)
(Garnish with salt rim)

Run a lime wedge over the rim of the glass and dip into a plate with salt. Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well then strain into a glass with fresh ice.

Viosa Margarita

Sparkling Cocktail

¡Hola Paloma!

Take a bit of grapefruit juice, mix it with Viosa blanco mezcal and a bit of carbonated soda and you get Mexico's favorite cocktail, the Paloma. The effervescence is so refreshing, we think it places the Paloma ahead of the Margarita in the race for the Summer's Most Refreshing Cocktail.

Ingredients & Instructions.

(2 ounces Viosa Blanco Mezcal)
(1 oz fresh squeezed grapefruit juice)
(½ oz fresh squeezed lime juice)
(Grapefruit soda)
(Garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit)

Pour Viosa blanco mezcal, lime, and grapefruit juices into your ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake well and strain into a highball glass with fresh ice. Top up with grapefruit soda and garnish.

¡Hola Paloma!

Have Brunch Everyday

Bloody Maria

Having a boozy brunch? Jazz things up with a Bloody Maria. As you've probably guessed, this cocktail is simply a Bloody Mary made with Viosa blanco mezcal. That said, the Viosa's smooth flavor really adds an extra delight to this drink, making it a favorite brunch cocktail for many.

Ingredients & Instructions.

(2 ounces Viosa Blanco Mezcal)
(* 5 oz tomato juice)
(1 tsp fresh horseradish)
(4 dashes Worchestershire sauce)
(3 dashes Tobasco sauce)
(Pepper and celery salt to taste)
(½ fresh lime juice)
(Garnish with celery, lemon wedge, and cocktail olives)

Break out your cocktail shaker. Put ice in the tumbler then add the ingredients. Give the shaker a good shake then strain into a glass with fresh ice. Garnish and enjoy.

Bloody Maria

Mexican Flag Shooter

Viosa Bandera | Banderita

Inspired by the colors of the Mexican flag

Ingredients & Instructions.

(½ oz. Viosa Blanco Mezcal)
(½ oz. Grenadine)
(½ oz. Crème de menthe)
(Agave syrup)

How to prepare it
It’s the flag of the great nation of Mexico, so as we raise it we might as well raise a glass! Layer grenadine, Viosa blanco mezcal and crème de menthe in a shot glass and enjoy.
(anthem optional)

Bartender tip:
Add a little agave syrup to Viosa to help layering.

Viosa Bandera

Tastes Distinctly of Mexico

"You don't know Mexico in your heart until you know Mezcal in your soul"