Viosa in Style



Creative Ways to Serve Viosa

Viosa Shot Glases
Made for sipping or slamming

Take your party to the next level with Viosa™ shot glases. The slim glasses nestle perfectly in Viosa's Sport Serving Displays.

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VIOSA 6 Shot Set

Viosa Serving Displays

High Quality Works of Art
MMA · WWE · Boxing

Shoot with style. Make Viosa Shots the focal point of your next big watch party. Your guests will feel like they're at the main event while sipping from Viosa shot glasses (salted rims and all). Your guest will love grabbing them from an ultra-cool iron ring display.

Viosa™ serving displays are the perfect gift for anyone who loves to entertain.

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Viosa Drinking Sets
Viosa Iron MMA Gage Display

Iron Cage Display (MMA | UFC) 8 Shots

Viosa Iron Boxing Ring Display

Iron Ring Display (Boxing) 4 Shots

Viosa WWE Iron Ring Display

Iron Ring Display (WWE) 6 Shots

A Fun Way To Serve Viosa

Guests will feel like they're at the main event.